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Rock-Solid Biblical Higher Education Without Limits or Borders!

How we do it?

Bible University offers Tuition-Free University programs for anyone who wishes to learn about the Bible, Christianity, Religion, Apologetics, Gnosticism, or prepare for the Ministry.

Bible University was awarded official status as an Exempt Religious School on October 27, 2011 according to Sections 173.600 through 173.619.2, RSMo, by the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE), Jefferson City, Missouri, USA. It is also duly recognized as a nonprofit organization in the State of Missouri with its registration number being N01119879 awarded February 17, 2011 by the Secretary of State of Missouri.

  • Study anywhere around the world.
  • 100% Tuition-Free.
  • Study anywhere around the world.
  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • Career Advancement.
  • We provide best course materials ever.

Why we do it?

We are commission to do it. "Freely you receive, freely you give. "Go Ye Therefore And Teach All Nations" - Matthew 28:19

Our aim is to share the teachings of Christianity and The Bible with everyone. Bible University was founded because of our desire to teach people about the spiritual things in life and the higher power that guides our lives. We are helping people beyond culture, religiosity and circumstances to focus on God and to let Him shape them according to His standards.



Students around the world.


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years of experience

Close to two decades experience of equipping men and women for effective ministry.

How we got started

Prof Mitch King and several other volunteers, started BU several years ago as a way to allow anyone who wanted to study the Bible and related topics, to do so without having to leave their home, family, or work.

We also ensured that BU was set up as a tuition-free institution to allow anyone from around the world to study and receive a university level education at no cost. This way, no one is excluded, and everyone who learns at BU can spread The Word of Christ. We believe in doing as Christ commanded: "Go Ye Therefore And Teach All Nations" - Matthew 28:19.

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